Granting Request for Rehearing IPR2014-00415


Takeaway: Compliance with Section 42.105(b) regarding service by electronic means or EXPRESS MAIL is not required under Section 42.106(a)(2) in order for a filing date to be accorded to a petition.

In its Decision, the Board granted Patent Owner’s Request for Rehearing, but only to revisit the Board’s earlier statement regarding compliance with the requirements for service of a petition.

In its Decision on Institution, the Board had stated that “mailing via FedEx after the cut-off time on Thursday without electing Saturday delivery failed to comply with 37 C.F.R. § 42.105(b).” Patent Owner contended that the Board “misapprehend[ed] the regulatory nature of an alleged error in service of the Petition in this case,” and that the Board misapprehended “whether a failure to effect service on February 6, 2014, was ‘harmless.’”

The Board found Patent Owner’s arguments not persuasive but granted the Request for Rehearing to address the service of the Petition in this case. The Board determined that service of the Petition in this case complied with 37 C.F.R. § 42.106, which states that a filing date will not be accorded until “service of the petition on the correspondence address of record as provided in [§] 42.105(a).”  The Board stated that “Section 42.106(a)(2) does not require compliance with § 42.105(b) for a filing date to be accorded,” and that the Petition was properly accorded a February 6, 2014 filing date in this case.

Facebook, Inc. v. Rembrandt Social Media, L.P., IPR2014-00415
Paper 14:
  Decision on Request for Rehearing
Dated: July 31, 2014
Patent: 6,415,316
Before: Phillip J. Kauffman, Jennifer S. Bisk, and Matthew R. Clements
Written by: Clements