Final Written Decision IPR2014-00149


In its Final Written Decision, the Board granted Patent Owner’s Motion to Amend requesting cancellation of all challenged claims (1-14) of the ’580 Patent. Following institution, Patent Owner filed its Motion seeking to cancel all claims in the proceeding.  Petitioner indicated that it did not oppose the Motion and counsel for both parties stated that neither objected to the Board proceeding to judgment.  Therefore the Board granted the Motion and entered judgment against Patent Owner.

Silver Peak Systems, Inc. v. Riverbed Technology, Inc., IPR2014-00149
Paper 20: Final Written Decision
Dated: August 7, 2014
Patent 8,321,580 B2
Before: Justin T. Arbes, Frances L. Ippolito, and Christopher M. Kaiser
Written by: Ippolito
Related Proceedings: Riverbed Technology, Inc. v. Silver Peak Systems, Inc., No. CV-13-2980 (N.D. Cal.); IPR2014-00128